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Cheap insurance salvage boats

Insurance salvage boat auctions like Copart and Insurance Auto Auctions sell thousands of boats every week at a fraction of the book value.

Insurance boat auction and salvage boat auction inventory consists of boats, purchased by insurance companies from their customers after an accident. This includes not only boats with crash damage after a collision, or water damage when a boat is sunk, but also theft recovery, storm damage, or any incident where a person was seriously injured.

Rogue dealers sometimes sell badly damaged boats with superficial repairs and concealed damage at insurance auctions. Insurance companies themselves never conceal damage for liability reasons.

Newer boats sold at insurance auctions are purchased by boat repair shops to be expertly restored and resold. Many are purchased by boat dealers and boat repair shops from other countries. A few are purchased by dismantlers and scrap yards to be disassembled and sold for parts. 

If you can handle serious engine, electrical, and/or fiberglass work - this is a chance to get a boat of your dreams without taking out a mortgage. Lightly damaged boats are sold at 35% below book, boats with moderate damage sell at roughly half the book value in the summer and as much as 80% off during the winter.


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