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Bowrider is an open recreational watercraft typically between 16 and 23 feet long that uses stern drive (most common) or an outboard motor for propulsion, and holds between five and eight passengers. Bowriders feature open bow area with cushioned seats and safety handrails in front of the windshield and helm. Bowriders are well suited for many recreational water sports such as tubing, water skiing, and swimming. They are favored by young people as a relatively inexpensive way to go fast on the water. Many bowriders are often priced low by manufacturers to introduce new customers to recreational boating. Bayliner Element is a recent example of a budget entry-level bowrider. Bayliner 175BR and Bayliner 185BR are the most popular and common bowrider models in the USA. Bowriders are designed for protected waterways, such as lakes and rivers. In heavy open seas the open bow and lower sides may cause the boat to take on water or overturn. Bowriders are designed for day trips only, they don't have sleeping spaces, a galley or a bathroom, like day cruisers or larger cruising boats. A bow rider or bowrider is a type of boat which has a seating area in the bow, the forward part of the ship. Bow riders are generally designed for recreational use such as day cruising or water skiing, and they come in a variety of styles from luxurious to basic. Bowriders are fun and easy to drive and are frequently offered as rental boats. Sitting in the bow area can be enjoyable because it allows people to catch a breeze and enjoy some of the spray kicked up by the progress of the boat. The view from a bow rider is also excellent, as passengers can look straight ahead without any obstructions.

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